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Never give up on your dreamThere comes a time in most Entrepreneur's life when the challenge of being an entrepreneur becomes deeply overwhelming.  The set backs, the worry, the finances, the lonliness, the the need for funding, the need for growth / scaling the business and importantly the head in the engine syndrome where you're actively working in your business and not managing it.  


We whip ourselves on our lack of focus, on the lack of our abilities in certain key areas - like marketing, financial management or business strategy... we look at others who are outwardly successful and think to ourselves, "Good grief man - what the heck's wrong with you."  There are questions that need answers that we don't necessarily have and so it continues - every day is a challenge.  Every day a new issue to resolve... and if you're bootstrapping your busines - like us - then you're even more stressed and critcal of every step you take....

Here's the bottom line Entrepreneur - we're all in the same boat!  And the sooner you realise that you're not alone in this journey - the better for you and your business.  Oh granted the depth of the 'potential to crash' might vary but it's there for each and every one of us.  

Have you recently been questioning yourself if you have what it takes to make this work?  Have you been thinking that you need to ramp up your CV and get it out there this red hot New York minute?  Maybe you really don't have what it takes to make a go of it!  Maybe your concept isn't right for the market.  Maybe it's before it's time?  Self-doubt like a thief in the night - it robs you of all rational thinking.  It is like the cold that enters into the room just before the 'death-eaters''s soul destroying and agonising.  Don't do it to yourself!  Don't shoot yourself in the foot!  Just don't!   It's the start of a slippery sloap downhill into dispare and depression and that's not going to serve you or your business in any way now is it?  How can I talk about this... well I am an entrepreneur and I feel your pain - I've been there done it and got the t-shirt.  Only thing is I've recently decided that giving up on my dream just won't serve my sanity.  It won't serve my self respect and it definately won't serve my family and children if I don't achieve my dreams.  


So - in support of you and me - here are my top reasons not to give up on your dreams:

  1. What is the alternative?  Go back to work in corporate?  Sit at home and become a home executive?  None of these sound like an option for me and I'm sure not for you either.
  2. Regrets are hard to live with.  The should have, could have, might haves the secret suffering for those who are living a sad and unfulfilled life wondering what it would have been like if they had just pushed through the hard times.
  3. We all make mistakes - the key is to learn from them and adjust your course.  As my mother used to say - it's no good crying over spilt milk - just get up and dust your skirt tails off and get on with it.  As long as you learn from what went wrong and grow from it you're all good.  Life is after all about learning and growing - otherwise what are we doing here?
  4. You have a gift that you were meant to share with us.  We each have a super power or gift that we were bestowed with in order to make this world a better place.  That gift sometimes comes an addendum - a big lesson that needs to be learnt - in order to be empowered to empart it to others.  Don't miss out on the opportunity to share your gift with us Entrepreneur Superhero!
  5. Tomorrow is another day and holds a whole realm of possibilities - all it takes is for you think possitively and to be flexible in order to make the necessary adjustments required to move forward.  Do that constantly - and you'll be ok... be stubborn and gung-ho in what you want things to look like and you'll suffer a little bit of universal potty training!  
  6. Magic happens when you trust in the journey and believe in yourself.  If it's all for the greater good of others - and not for self and ego - it's all a foregone conclusion that you will succeed.  Be authentic and transparent and ask for help when you need it and things will naturally role out as they should.  We are not meant to struggle believe it or not.  Positivity breads positivity.  
  7. It gets worse before it get's better.  If you're on a downward trend and have experienced many setbacks it should get better soon - especially if you're doing everything in your power to improve things - you're asking for help, you've hooked up with a great networking tribe, you've immersed yourself in your industry learning, you've cut your cloth according to your budget and not living outside of your comfort zone.  

Love this quote:  

Good things come to those who Believe

Better things come to those who are patient

And the Best things come to those who Never Give Up.

Over and out!





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