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Increase your sense of deserving

This session was quite an eye opener for me.  

Do you remember that 'internet funny' that did it's rounds many moons ago about the girl that sent her parents a letter from school to tell them about all the perceived parental woes in her life - the 'dorm fire, her staying with her new boyfriend, being pregnant!  All nightmares for the parentals! Imagine yourselves receiving a letter like that from one of your children!  She thankfully then went on to say that she wasn't in fact pregnant and not living with a new boyfriend but had in fact got a D and an F in two of her worst subjects in college.  As parents you can imagine the relief experienced all around....and so yes - it's in the contrast that we are able to see perspective and perspective is liberating; it talks to the ability to use perspective and use it well.   When you live in passion - it's sometimes hard to view one's life with perspective.  One naturally leans towards seeing the drama and what's going wrong...

So we've got our dream - we've tested it against the 5 key test questions... and we're still smiling.  Anel Heymans - my coach says that your dream must make your heart faster; your soul must literally jump at the thought of your dream turning into a reality.  I think the key is to remain positive and in the here and now.  We discussed celebrating the wins - both big and small.  Take time out to pat yourself on the back for a job well done or a goal achieved.  Ask yourself... how can I celebrate me in this?  

sensorise your dream

I learnt about really going deep into my dream - reading it every day and really sensorising it - that means really feeling it, smelling it, seeing it and hearing it - experience the reality of your future today... by treating yourself to a sensory experience of a day in your life of your dream come true!  Wow man - that's powerful stuff!  I can smell the coffee and see myself in my shared office space - with a group around a table brainstorming a great idea! You are the master of your own reality... its true - you're your own magician! 

Deserving balanceMany of us live in a diminished state of deserving.  We just don't believe we deserve success, happiness, peace or joy.  We have a programme that we've been playing out since birth.  Anel said something that really stuck with me, "You cannot outperform your self esteem." How powerful is that...                                                                    whether you think you can, or you think you can't - you're probably right - a really powerful quote by Henry Ford.

Finally Anel spoke about the fact we are not our personality - we have a personality.  She said we are not our bodies...we have a body...We are spiritual beings having a human experience.  She spoke about the fact that our brain is like a radio station tuned into a certain programme.  That programme is our individual self awareness yet what we don't really realise is there is another, better frequency and programme that we can tap into - and that is the frequency of greatness.  This frequency of Greatness is the frequency that we were created to live by. It is important to catch our self talk and to remove certain words from our vocabulary such as - 'I never; I don't; I can't; I better not; I am not - there are so much more - but you get the idea... negative self talk is designed to keep us in the lower frequency - not a great place for us to get stuck.  I realised that to change these old habits and self talk I'm going to have to change my patterns and programming and this is going to change the minute I start practicing another programme or message.  Anel spoke about telling yourself a new story every day.  She had a great idea - to make a list of your successes each day and then of course not to forget to celebrate them - be it with a special cup of tea or a bubble bath or even just a time out on your bed - whatever resonates with you is good.

                  We apparently all have the creative capacity that is completely unlimited except by our own thinking and understanding.  And so - just like the parents in the 'internet funny' who got an upsetting letter from their daughter initially got upset about their daughter's perceived disastrous situation - when they changed their perception the real truth of the situation emerged and in fact things weren't quite as bad as they had imagined it to be - in fact everything changed in how they felt and their ability to help their daughter solve whatever the situation was. It's not different with you and me. 

Ok today's session was really revealing to me - It's shifted a few key recordings in my mind.  Hope this opens some thinking for you.  Contact Anel Heymans here to start your own coaching journey.

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