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our doubts william shakespeare

The coaching sessions with Anel Heymans is my weekly highlight now - I really love my engagement with this coach!  And no - I'm not getting paid to write these coaching blogs.  I'm literally doing it to share my very personal journey with my community of entrepreneurs.  Entrepreneurs seldom ask for help and seldom seek support from outside resourcing.  

We believe that we can physically do everything including be our own inspiration.  The truth of the matter is - sure we can do everything ourselves - but then we're always just going to work in our business and not physically run our business. So at the end of the day - if you take anything from these posts - take this, "All entrepreneurs need a coach or a mentor.  They need a person outside of their business, outside of their family, outside of their environment to be able to look at the life lesson.  Right - on to Week 4's coaching learnings.  It's a session that has left me digging deep.  The session covered fear and I don't know about you - but fear has played a big role in my life.  If it hasn't been fear of failing it's been fear of succeeding, fear of what people will say, fear of loss or fear of damage...FEAR!  The very word sends shivers down many an entrepreneur's spine.  In this session I came across this quote that really imprinted on me - it's by William Shakespeare and he says, "Our doubts are traitors and make us loose the good we might oft win by fearing to attempt."  This shows me that Mr Shakespeare also had a run in with the big 'F' word.  Books have been written about it, TedEx Talks delivered on it...but in one session my relationship with it was quickly transformed into a loving kindness and awareness towards myself and my relationship with fear.  Let's face it - we have been given all we need to navigate this life we live in - we have all the power and talent we require to make a success of ourselves - it's just whether we use it all or now.  

If your dream has passed the five point test (Reference Weel 3's coaching lesson - Increasing your deserving) and you know that you deserve your dream and your dream deserves you then you should be ready to walk forward into your bright future... if however you are held back by fear - fear of success, fear of failure, fear of loss, fear of disappointing people, fear of not knowing what to do - if fear is the big stick you beat yourself with then it's going to choke your dream and suffocate all natural opportunity you have to achieve that dream.  So we in this session I was coached on embracing my fear.  Feeling it and moving forward in awareness, kindness, understanding and love.  The thing with fear is that if it's not kicked out of the driver's seat - it's going to hold you back constantly.  It's going to have you playing small your whole life - and you were born to share your gifts with this world.  You were born to make a difference in someone's life.  You were born to share your vision with this world - to change someone's life and to let your light be seen!  

hell fear

Anel spoke about fear being a friendly tool - a tool to make you aware that you are approaching the real deal - your heart's desire.  It's also a tool that is designed to keep you safe - so when you feel it - you should receive the feedback from your fearful self and work through the questions brought up by it.  Is it safe to proceed?  Are you scared of succeeding?  Are you scared of perhaps potential failure or is it just your higher self trying to stop you from moving forward...Fear either has us - or we have's not a good space to be in when fear has you - because that can just feel like you're in a self-imposed prison and then you're really going to be and act stuck.  Anel said something important to me - fear will be your constant companion when you're stepping into your greatness - so get used to it.  Make friends with it... Say to it," Oh hello my dear friend fear!  How are you today?  I thank you for showing up - and I appreciate your cautionary red flag, but I am here - and I will protect us.  I believe in me.  I know that this is going to be good for us and I am in charge.  If I need you again soon - you are surely welcome to pop in again.  Thank you.  Thank you. Thank you.  And then without hesitation or debate - you just step forward into your greatness.  Please take time out to visit Anel Heyman's website - True Soul Science - she is a great coach for this Superhero Entrepreneur.


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