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Core values 1


Values are the principles or standards of behaviour that are formed by our life experiences and programming.  

We receive the foundation imprinting for these -implicitly or explicitly - from our family, friends, culture, religion, country, leaders, institutions and organisations we belong to and surround ourselves with. Values go on to drive our behaviour, attitude, habits and rituals and ultimately have a huge role to play in our lives.  I wish someone would have taken the time to implicitly point this out to me way sooner.  

There are personal values - and these are garnered by the school of hard knocks in life.  Then you have core values - these are the deeply engrained values programmed into our life from our upbringing and create te script for how we act on the stage called life. Our core values defines our essence as a person and and represents us  as a human being.  We often don't acknowledge our core values in the daily bump and grind of life  - ignoring those niggly feelings of discontent until they explode in a full scale 'unhappiness or depression' war against ourselves.  

Just as a company / organisation needs a set of core values that define it's behaviour in the market place - and gives it's staff a 'culture' within which to behave in - we as individuals need the very same!  We need a clearly defined set of core values to run our lives by.  Not only will it give us a sense of direction, but it will give us an idea of what matters most to us - the none-negotiables so to speak.  When we know exactly what our core values are - we know who we are; what we want; we'll allow and what we won't allow.  It makes life that much easier - not only for ourselves, but ultimately for all who we come into contact with! And I would imagine that it goes a long way towards helping those with a lack of boundaries - with your core values in place - there won't be an issue of where you draw the line would there?  

Values change over time - so it's good to review them regularly - because as you grow as a person they will change and you will achieve clarity on what else is important to you.  I have decided that for now, at this very moment and in this life stage, my core values are:


Core Value Role in my life
Honesty  Tell the truth - even if it hurts.  No blame; no judgement
Integrity Act in an honourable way towards self and others.  Do the right thing.
Authenticity Always be present and reflect the real me to all regardless of the situation.
Family | Community Make time for family;  Be deeply involved with a group that believes in the greater good of others.  Be actively and positively engage and contribute in an effective and caring team of like-minded people.
Love To make all decisions based on a deeper feeling of understanding, kindness and love towards myself and others - no matter who they perceived to be.
Leadership To motivate, energise and inspire self and others to greater heights of achievement.  To take responsibility for group tasks with a mutually successful and beneficial outcome in mind for all involved.
Friendships | Connections |Relationships To connect beyond words and actions with all whom I come into contact with.  To develop bonded, mindful and heartfulled relationships with others based on respect, understanding and integrity..
Creativity To always be inspired to blue sky thinking - developing new and innovative ideas, solutions and answers to all that my attention is called to.  
Service To help others and to be in service to humanity for the greater good of the world.
Wisdom To grow my knowledge and practice my spiritual beliefs; To find lasting meaning to what I do and how I present myself to the world;    To grow my understanding of myself and the purpose of life.  To understand others and how we all show up in life.

  What are your core values - now that I know mine I am keen to audit my life according to these key principles - I am sure that by having these in place it's going to make decisions that much easier to make.  I would love to hear your feedback or comments.  Drop me a line at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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