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dream toxic soil

It's so true you know - you can't grow ANYTHING in toxic soil.

 If you're holding onto anger and resentment towards someone or a particular happening in your life - it's going to permeate through everything that you do and say...its' going to become how you perceive yourself and I'll even go as far as saying that if you allow it - it will define you! 

Up until now - it did for me.  I had always defined myself by my circumstances and happenings in my life.   I now realise how crazy that was.  You are not your circumstances.  You are not the events or happenings in your life.  You are your you.  You are your soul.  

We live in such a fast world that if we are going to let one event define us - we're going to be holding onto that for a while - life will pass us by at a rate of knots - and we're still not going to be moving forward with our dream, our passion and our life and wondering why?  It's been an amazing journey for me and my husband - now both running our own businesses - we've seen how an argument or a traffic road rage issue can permeate your whole day if you allow it to.  We're now so aware of 'bygones' and it's made a huge difference to the productivity of our days.  A small tiff can very easily escalate into a feud if you allow it.  A toxic start leads to a toxic end.  That's just how it is.  And we've seen it.  So this session really just resonated with me.  

So as an entrepreneur - when you have a dream - for yourself, your family or your community - you cannot nurture this dream in an environment where there's anger, strife and resentment.  It won't grow - and that's the truth of it.  It might start moving forward in increments - but you won't have major shifts or growth until you've cleared your unresolved 'forgiveness' business with yourself and others.   Having 'forgiveness' work to do doesn’t make you a bad person - hell, if you're breathing - it's likely you've got some 'forgiveness' work to process.   At this point you're going to say to me - ok but I'm not religious or spiritual - and what has forgiveness got to do with the business world anyway.  My answer to that would be - what is the business world made up of?  Humans.  When you have humans engaging with each other - each seeking fulfillment and enlightenment - there's bound to be some collateral.  Truth is - in every one of the world's religions and spiritual and mental health practices we are taught that forgiveness is a mental, emotional spiritual practice that opens the doors of perception and frees us to live a life that is worth living.  It it a simple thing - forgiveness - yes when it's an easy to reach pain, but when it's a deeper more heart sore pain - it's a really profound journey that is both as freeing as it is empowering!  

In this session we learnt that every great Master, sage or leader themselves have experienced pain, betrayal and heartache - all soul lessons - lessons that lead to them achieving their greatness and in turn them sharing their 'gift' with us.  Because what in fact are you able to share with the world if you have not experienced it yourself?  It is through books that our mind learns and it is through living a full life that our soul learns.  (This is my belief clearly! Because I have had plenty of lessons that I have been such amazing gifts to my soul and my people.)  

The thing is - others can't free you from the pain of hate, resentment and hurt - you and only you can do that.  It is only you who can forgive and move forward into the life you were meant to live.  It is only you who can look at the events in your life, your circumstances you find yourself in, the events that have played out in your life - with love, kindness and understanding.  It is through these eyes that you are then able to plant the seeds of your dream and it is then through these eyes that you are able to find joy in the growing and developing of your dream into a reality - because as each positive step you take towards your dream starts resulting in positive change, positive growth, positive connections, positive change you too are able to blossom and grow and see life with a different filter.  A filter of success.  To languish in the doldrums of 'unforgiveness' is to be incarcerated in a self imposed prison.  To stay there is self sabotage!  

So inclosing - tend the soil of your dream - look for weeds that chock your vibrancy.  Look for bugs that eat away at your personality.  Check for poisons clouding your vision.  Make sure that what you are putting into your dream is pure, natural goodness.  Check that your dream will make a difference to at least one other in your community.  Check that it is a dream of increase and then water and feed your beautiful seedlings often.  Do everything to keep your dream alive and happening.  

Thank you to my teacher and coach - Anel Haymans - we're moving forward at such a great pace and the lessons are landing and taking hold - it's amazing!  See you on the flipside of my dream!

let go or be draged



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