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Hey there - welcome back.  I'm running a bit behind on my coaching blogs - sorry about that.  I really just  needed to allow myself some time to process and shift some limiting beliefs and paradigms I had set up for myself.

 Wowzers - this is great stuff this!  It's so simple - yet so life-changing!  What an amazing experience and what a gift to be on this journey with Anel Heymans - my LifeMastery Consultant and Coach

 Over the last few weeks we've learnt to define our dream - how to use visioning, writing and all the senses in working on making this dream a reality.  Next we learnt how to check in on whether your dream is right for you or not and whether your dream actually deserves you.  Week 3 saw us deal with increasing our sense of deserving - remember "whether you think you can, or you think you can't - you're probably right.   Week 4 we covered, "Making friends with your fears." and working on this was really so very good for me!  Learnt to work with my fears - to make them my friends and to let them tell me what I was worried about internally and dealing with them immediately - that way not procrastinating and not holding myself back because of fear.  I next wrote a very personal blog about core values - taking a stab of putting my own personal values down in writing and affirming them for all to see.  Companies do this very well - it gives the team something to define their culture, their tone, language and activity - it's a great exercise for self and for small businesses - I highly recommend it! Week 5 we chatted about ' Turning your sense of lack into a recognition of all the abundance around you.' Here we deal with gratitude and becoming a gracious giver and receiver.  We spoke about implementing a gratitude ritual and just being thankful for even the most basic gift in your life - this stuff works - I'm telling  you - my life is turning as we speak - as is our business.  Finally - the last blog posted spoke to the fact that you can't grow a dream in toxic soil and that if you try to step over the 'dirty laundry' in your life you would end up dragging a whole lot of toxins with you and actually not really move forward because of all your fears and limiting paradigms holding your greater self back!  It just makes so much sense doesn't it?  

let go or be dragged

  This week we're talking about another form of clearing.  Forgiveness.  Forgiveness is defined as to give up resentment of or claim to requital or to grant pardon / relief from payment.  At this point I hear you saying to yourself - "Man, I didn't tune into this for an Agony Aunt session!  Have you stopped to consider the power of forgiveness?  Have you thought of what releasing hurt, betrayal or abuse can do for you?  Truth be told - forgiveness is not for the other person - yes it will help them too - but in fact forgiveness empowers the forgiver. Betrayal, abuse and pain are tough on us and stir very strong feelings - resentment, anger and hate - sometimes resulting in an equally harsh response.  

to heal a wound you need to stop touching it

In this session we spoke about reframing events and situations that have caused us pain and suffering.  We spoke about putting things into perspective and using understanding to review the person’s actions.  I came across this statement in my prep work for the coaching session, "The difference between a victim’s journey and a hero's is the frame we put around the experiences we have.  I learnt that forgiveness is not something you do once and then it's over.  Forgiveness is something that you do little bit at a time.  As you work through things - you learn to forgive and release.  A key aspect I discovered is to forgive one's own perspective of the events.  In forgiving we will learn to look at the event in a different light.  That's amazingly powerful don't you think?  Here's the thing about forgiveness  that I have seen in my own journey - if you don't forgive yourself and others in a scenario that you replay in your mind often - you'll just not move forward.  That tape recording will just constantly replay and you'll keep saying the same things to yourself resulting in the same 'bad vibes'.  Not only that, but in my experience - you attract the same pain, the same lessons and the same patterns in your life - until you've had the courage to deal with them with forgiveness.  Forgiveness is not about religion, it's not about politics, it's not about race or sex - it's about self.  And in forgiving you can fill that space with love.  Forgiveness releases you from living in the past and helps you face the future with an open and positive mind.  I would like to invite you to think of 5 people who you would benefit in forgiving.  If you struggle with this exercise - think of something or someone that fills you with unconditional love - and use that heart filled space to think of the person who you need to forgive in order to move on.  The space of unconditional love will support you in seeing the person needing forgiveness as the unskilled, hurt or unloved person they are and practicing the art of unconditional love for a few minutes a day will result in a massive shift towards this person.  We are all just beautiful souls living a human life.  Forgive, be forgiven and move on.  

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