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The life you hold in your hands is yours.  

Yes - that's right - we are in charge.  We hold the reins.  We have free will | free choice.  Isn’t that sweet?  Whatever we do or say, wherever we go or don't go - it's our choice.  It's ALL us!  


I must say - I struggled to write this blog... and it got me thinking why...why was it so hard to communicate the teachings of this literally felt like pulling teeth - and my 'love' for dentistry will attest to the fact that I have issues with teeth being pulled - lol!

But it's really true you know - The life we are holding in our hands is ours.  We are experiencing this life, we are living it.  We need to take responsibility for it.  We control our own outcomes by the actions we take and the choices we make.  

Before starting this coaching journey one might have still questioned this - but now more than half way through my #DreamBuilder Programme - I get that we hold our lives in our hands.  We cannot blame anyone for our lives, our circumstances when we're not actively engaged in improving them on a daily basis.  It's no good talking a big game and then not doing anything to make that a reality?  It's not good sitting feeling all woe is me and not taking active steps to feel better, lighter - more positive.  And waiting for someone else to ride in and save the day - well that's abdicating your power you hold over your own life, your dreams, wishes and ultimately needs.  Don't do that -take your power back - do the hard work and let's all move forward together.  

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Saying yes to wanting to change and grow means you need to do the work - that's why we did the dream building process right up front, and why we've been working at weeding out the toxins, the fears and the self judgement.  We're becoming smiley, shiny, happy people!  (Stop snorting into your coffee!)

No but seriously - we've been doing some pretty intense and hard work here and it's ok to feel like you need a time out...a little break from all that intense work on ourselves.... which is I suppose what happened to me and why I took a few days.  

Right - so we've moved into a space where fear doesn't dominate our lives.  We're in a space where we use fear as a communications tool - its our measurement of just how close we're coming to our dream being realised.  We now know that when we sense something in our space that can be considered a toxic weed - we'll just put on our gardening gloves and weed it out of our lives - wishing everyone well and just moving on.  This is now a lifestyle and we're leaning into it and learning every day.

Anel talks about getting curious with your feelings - gently curious - she says that discord, fear, anger, resentment or whatever emotions may come up for you at that time are all your teachers - looking to help you grow into the wonderful leader and being you were born to be.  And I really love that thought - its just put such a different light on my emotions and made me less critical of them and more interested in what they're telling me.  

Ghandi said - the voice for truth speaks to every person on the planet every single day.  Sjoe - the voice for truth.  That's your inner voice - the messages you really need to hear from self.  Its inspired, its intelligent, it comes with insight and truth and it's all yours for the listening to.  It is as loud or as soft as we tune it to be.  The thing is - we all have access to this voice - and its wisdom - however the question we must ask ourselves is:  "Are we listening? And do we take action?"  

Where does this wisdom or intelligence come from you're asking yourself.... and you're thinking I have gone all esoteric on you? No - I haven't.  The intelligent messaging you receive is in fact from your very own 5 senses.  Anel talks about the fact that that if we use our 5 senses and tap into their inner wisdom we will create a life that is so tuned and tapped in to self that we'd be bound to accelerate into living our #DreamLife sooner than later.  I call it following my gut!  And I do that - the times that I don't - I've had some pretty hard lessons to learn.  

People talk about listening to their inner voice, hearing their Creator speak to them or some simply talk about an insistent voice that kept telling them what to do - whatever you call it - that voice is there to help you, to guide you and to be there for you.  

In closing - there is no problem that doesn't have an answer.  Not in maths, not in science and not in life.  There are answers to every conceivable problem you could be presented with.  It's just like that with a dream - you would never be presented with a possibility of a dream if there were not a path to take you there.  And there would be no learning if you were not faced with challenges, obstacles and learnings.  Key thing is to take responsibility for the challenges, the problems and the obstacles and to find solutions for them because in doing so you are lighting a way for others too.  Your lesson is your gift.  Own it.  

Wow - this blog was written on about 7 takes - we hope you enjoyed it... look up our coach - Anel Heymans - she's just awesome and has opened my mind to a few new concepts in my life that I've already started working into my life and business.   Am I happier - yes.  Am I a better person to live / work with - yes - more for myself than anyone else mind you... am I more abundance - yes - because I see more abundance...and I am part of the manifesting process of my life's abundance...Onward and upwards in the ever upward spiral that is our life!  birds eagle 62655

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